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Dr. Surendra Kapoor is a leading name in the domain of Vastu Shastra. An avid reader, he is a trained practitioner having keen interests in the study of  Vedic texts and Indian culture. With years of experience in this respective core, he excels in various streams of applied Vastu and allied Environmental and Human Energy balancing techniques like RFI (Resonant Field Imaging), PIP (Poly contrast interference photography), Bio Field imaging and ES complex scanning. Also referred to as Pracharya Kapoor, he has been declared as the Millennium Vastu Sahstry in the International Astro Vastu conference in Mumbai in the year of 2000. Presently, he is the he is the Vice Chairman of The Institution of Vastu Science (India), a National Council of Vastu Consultants.

A post graduate from the University of Calcutta, he completed his Master of Science in Counseling and Psychotherapy and specialized in Psychological Counseling and Career Counseling. He achieved Certificate of Proficiency from Dr. Thronton Streeter, Founder & CEO of CBS. He has attended Workshop of Dr. Jhon Rogerson during 4th International Conference and learned EFI Technique – Environment & Human Energy Analysis. Recently, he has attended Workshop of Dr. Christopher J. Bell of International Institute of Building Biology & Ecology and learned Building Biology – EMF, Air Quality & Material Radiation. To add feather to his cap, he is the author of several best seller books on Astrology, Naming Names and Vastu and is also the editor of the mouth organ of the Institution IVS - news letter. He delivers lectures on topics of Indian art and culture and organizes “Audio Visual” shows regularly Mr Kapoor was termed as the 'Man of the Year'  for his contribution in the field of Astrology, at the 23rd international Astrological Conference held in Calcutta during February 1999. Mr. Kapoor has also been appointed visiting faculty for teaching Ancient Building Technology to B. Arch and M. Arch student at Department of Architecture Jadavpur University Kolkata for the last four years. With almost 22 of experience in this field, he has gained several awards listed below:

Education Awards And Titles
  • Vastu Manna - From Jyotish Viswavidaylaya, Jodhpur (1989).
  • Vastu Ratna - Collage of Joytividya and Astrological Society, Calcutta (1994).
  • Vastu Shiromani - Asian Collage of Astrology, Calcutta (1995).
  • Jyotish Shiromani - Astrological Research Project Calcutta (1996).
  • Jyotish Samrat - Astrological Research Project Calcutta (1997). 
  • Jyotish Mahamahopadhyaya - Astrological Research Project Calcutta (1998). Felicitated with “Best Award for Traditional Indian Architecture” by Michel Madhusudhan Academy Calcutta (1999).
  • Vastu Samrat - International Institute of Astrological Research and Indian Culture, Calcutta (1999).
Education Awards And Titles

Post Qualification Training at

  • Trained in Lecher Antenna and ACMOS Method.
  • Trained in Building Biology Measurement of EMF, Air Quality and building Material Radiations.
  • Trained in Balancing Environment and Human Energy by Colours.
  • Trained in Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) Technology.
  • The institution of Vastu Science (India).
  • All India Federation of Astrologer’s Societies - New Delhi.
  • International Vastu Association - Jodhpur.
  • Astrological Research Project - Kolkata.
Books Authored

His books “Vastu”, “Namkaran – Namchayan” in Bengali are bestseller and have under gone many editions.

  • “VASTU” - published in 1997
  • “VASTU SAR” - published in 2003
  • “NAMKARAN - NAMCHAYAN” - published in 2003

Dr. Surendra Kapoor, with almost 22 years of experience, has become a renowned figure in the domain of Vastu Shastra. His unflinching efforts and in-depth knowledge of the ancient Indian scriptures and Sanskrit texts has been a guiding force for him to gain expertise on Vedic Jyotish and Vastu...


Dr. Surendra Kapoor has devised several effective ways to efficiently offer several vastu solutions. He has framed different innovative ways to bring out the best possible methods for every vastu requirements. His extensive knowledge about vastu shastra has enabled him to frame...


Dr. Surendra Kapoor is also involved in effectively interpreting different types of dreams of a person, the reasons and factors guiding and their results. Besides he also provides remedial methods and counseling sessions on several issues. The different ways of interpretation...